Insider tips on executive job opportunities and job boards

Finding executive jobs can be very difficult due to the shortage of these roles in the Job market. Unlike lower-level management positions, C-suite jobs are rarely announced publicly. This gives rise to the hidden job markets. 

According to the Executive Job Search Strategist Meg Guisseppi, “10% or fewer of jobs at the executive level are landed through job boards,”. This means that you need to do something more to get the executive jobs that you are dreaming of.

With that being said, job boards are still a good way to look for these jobs. In this article, I will explain some of the insider tips like networking and resume writing that you can use to open up these hidden executive positions for you on job boards.

Why do most companies prefer hiring executives through networking?

Executive employees are entrusted with managing complete organizations. Given the level of corporate responsibility entrusted to executives, unknown applicants are rarely valued. Instead, corporate recruiters prefer referrals or reputed candidates to fill these positions. 

This highlights the importance of networking in finding executive jobs where factors like ‘Who do you know at the company?” or “What mutual connections do you have?” are the key decision-makers.

Similarly, your reputation and presence on the Job boards also play a major role in opening up new Job opportunities.

Some Insider Tips for Executive Job Opportunities on Job Boards

By now you understand that if you want to attract executive job opportunities then you can not rely on the older methods of Job searching. That is why you can use some of the Insider tips given below which will be very beneficial for you.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Building an online presence is one of the best ways to tell all the recruiters about you. You should be active on Job board platforms, help other people, and share about your progress and achievements.

Participating in discussions, offering assistance, and sharing updates on your journey will build your reputation within online Job boards. This will increase your visibility and hence will help you to be noticed by job recruiters. 

Using Premium Features

Most of the Job boards have premium features that can significantly enhance your job search strategy.

It may look unnecessary to spend money for this but it is definitely worth a shot. These features will increase your visibility to recruiters to a great extent. You can also directly message a lot of executive job recruiters whose profiles are otherwise locked. 

Similarly, the premium features allow you to access extra information about the company, person, or job proposal which helps you to make a strategy accordingly.

Use the Skill of Resume Writing

Utilizing the skill of resume writing can significantly elevate your job efforts. A resume is more than just a simple piece of document and it should be considered as your professional marketing tool that showcases everything about you to your potential employer.

When you make your resume, you should tailor it according to the position you are applying for. If you try to add irrelevant experiences or skills it will not help you much.

Similarly, you should pay attention to the presentation and format of your resume to make it appealing and easy to read. Adding relevant keywords and phrases is another thing that you can keep in mind while resume writing.

Optimize your Job board profile 

The profile of your job board account is very important as recruiters are regularly scraping the platform for potential executive employees. Customizing your job profile is a great way to attract the attention of recruiters.

You should highlight your executive experience, skills, and achievements in proper work sections to demonstrate your ability to excel in senior positions. You should also get recommendations from your former colleagues and mentors which will build your credibility.

Lastly, adding proper keywords to your profile will help the recruiters search for you more easily.

Become an Executive or Management Consultant

You should use your experience and expertise to become a consultant. Try giving advice on specific business issues and share ideas with other people in your network.

Build your reputation as a problem solver and when someone in your circle has an executive position available, then you will be on their list of potential employees. 


Executive Jobs are not easy to come by; most recruiters do not prefer to hire for these positions through Job Boards. That is why you need to utilize some tips which will open new job opportunities for you. In this article, I have highlighted some tips you can use for this purpose. This includes networking, building an online presence, using effective resume writing strategies, and much more.

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