Navigating Farmapram Withdrawal: Strategies for Tapering Off Safely

Within the mentally vulnerable population, medication used to treat anxiety and panic orders have both been used legally and illegally. The use of benzodiazepines like alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax, when prescribed to the right individual can have a positive life-changing impact on their mental health, the medication has also been abused in these same populations, especially youth, examples being the “Xandemic” of the late 2010s which saw an exasperated increase in teenage drug addiction and romanticization of said addiction. 

With young adults still struggling with addiction years after it was introduced in their school restrooms and newer mentally ill teens desperate to find s way to get rid of their mental anguish by any means necessary, there has been a need more than ever for information concerning the safety of medications like benzos, and how to deal with its painful withdrawal.

What Draws People to Benzo Addiction?

Numerous factors can contribute to benzodiazepine addiction, particularly in teens. Because alprazolam induces feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and rapid relief, they are appealing to those who are struggling with mental health and looking to escape reality. Benzos because they can be prescribed and are easily accessible make them common to be found in k-12 and college schools allowing youth to experiment in hopes of managing their mental health symptoms. Additionally, those prescribed alprazolam, if not monitored by healthcare professionals and aren’t doing additional therapy while consuming are more susceptible to developing a dependency on the drug leading to interest in higher doses or stronger drugs.

What is Farmapram and How to Navigate Through Withdrawal

Farmapram is a brand of Alprazolam very similar to Xanax that is sold in Mexico. Just like other benzodiazepines, Farmapram when used long-term can lead to tolerance requiring higher doses that lead to a dependence on the drug making withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing disabling. Its withdrawal symptoms are just as rapid and those who quit cold turkey or lower their dosage significantly can expect to deal with insomnia, body twitching, body aches and prickling, impaired sensory perception, and delirium just to name a few. This is why tapering off is imperative to allow the nervous system to adjust and reduce the likelihood of more extreme withdrawal symptoms occurring. The first thing those trying to taper off a drug like Farmapram should do is to speak to a professional with benzodiazepine experience. A healthcare provider can assess the individual’s health, medical history, and dosage to construct a plan that would work for their habits.

Strategies for Tapering Off Safely

What most medical professionals recommend is reducing the dosage over time. This is the best way to minimize the severity of withdrawal and not send your nervous system into shock. Alongside this lifestyle changes like sleep schedule, and eliminating potential triggers will also be recommended to the individual during this time. Following the schedule strictly and being patient during this process is key to having the best recovery. By being persistent and following the guidance of your doctors you can safely recover from this dark moment in your life.

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